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About Us

Here People Make The Difference

 Our mission is to empower talented people to perform to the utmost of their abilities and become valuable members of the Armenian tech community.

 Leveraging resources provided by IBM, USAID, EIF, and other partners, we've created a unique platform gathering students, professors, researchers, and startup enthusiasts for building innovative solutions to global challenges.

ISTC is devoted to contributing to position Armenia as one of the leading tech hubs of the world.

Our Story

ISTC was founded in 2015 from a visionary collaboration between IBM, USAID, the Armenian Government, and the Enterprise Incubator Foundation. Since our inception, we've been dedicated to catalyzing change and driving progress in Armenia's tech landscape. Evolving from a promising initiative to a leading innovation center, we've cultivated a diverse community united by a shared passion for technology and science. As we continue to shape the future of innovation, our story stands as a testament to resilience, dedication, and the transformative power of collaboration. Join us in rewriting the narrative of technology and empowerment at ISTC.

Meet The Team

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