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About the program

Khmbak was a 6-month long tech, art & social entrepreneurship skills development educational program designed for youth aged 14-18. The program aimed to develop a strong foundation for navigating the tech world, equipped with modern tools, so students could apply best digital practices for driving changes in their communities.

The program's curriculum was designed to be both immersive and hands-on, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Participants engaged in a variety of projects that encouraged creativity and critical thinking, from developing tech-driven solutions to addressing community challenges, to creating art that reflects social issues. These projects were often collaborative, fostering teamwork and communication skills essential for the modern workforce.

Program flow

During this course, 30 students from the Yeghegnadzor region were targeted, forming 6 groups of 5, and designing community-centered websites. The curriculum included a 3-month long educational course on the following topics:

  • Informatics

  • English

  • Programming 

  • User Experience Design

  • User Interface Design

  • Media

  • Soft Skills

  • Website Builders

And a 3-month long mentorship phase.


During this program, teams were actively engaged in forming social initiatives aimed at addressing various community issues. They worked collaboratively to design, and implement these initiatives, resulting in the creation of professional websites and comprehensive digital marketing plans. The websites served as platforms to promote their initiatives, providing valuable information, resources, and ways for the community to get involved. Meanwhile, the digital marketing plans were strategically crafted to maximize outreach and engagement, leveraging social media, SEO techniques, and other online marketing tools to effectively reach their target audience.

Capturing Creativity

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